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How do we play the game?


We beat the game in paid advertising (Adwords/Bing/Yandex/Sklik/Twitter/FB) and driving organic traffic is no mystery for us either.


can help you with the optimization of your landing pages and provide you with website copies in 8 languages. Pricing tests are our bread and butter.


Why is your churn rate so high? We will find out how to make your customers stay with you longer, if not forever. Emailing and in-app messaging are our secret weapons.

Data analysis and process optimization

We don’t just manage your online campaigns, we develop your business. With passion.

We set the new best practices in online marketing.

I will find my way to do the impossible

Markéta fights tirelessly for more CZ companies to succeed abroad by helping companies excel, organizing countless events for our community, and being an Certified Google Trainer for export.

Her commitment will shake your world with a future proof marketing strategy for your business. Just check out her name – it’s all in there!

I add value, this is how i roll

Petr loves digging deep into everything. He is a data miner, a hunter for insights, and systems geek. He will surprise you by always going that extra mile.

His keyword analysis predicts the future and makes your website informational architecture dazzle visitors and search engines.

A strong spirit transcends rules

Gonzalo always thinks outside the box, he surprises us with unexpected connections between fields and ideas.

With 6 years of experience in online marketing, he is an expert for Spanish speaking markets and audiovisual advertising. Facebook and YouTube are his favourite.

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